Recent Work


Christine Long is pleased to announce that she is premiering her newest series of paintings, THE COLOURS OF GRACE.

This is a new series for the start of a new decade, 2021, and both a seminal body of work for her and inspiration for viewer.

This new series of nine paintings represents Christine’s deep faith and thankfulness for the grace she has experienced in her journey with Christ. Whilst in the throes of creating this body of work, she needed to deeply think about colour.

Which ones best represented her journey? Were some colours truer to her experience of God’s love than others? How did some represent solace and others give strength? As is Christine’s experience of God throughout her life, these colours are rich and deep.

Part of her research was spent mixing and searching for the colours used to make some of the old, illuminated biblical texts and icons. During this phase of the process, she felt like a chemist.

In the end, Christine let the paint and the Spirit take over to create THE COLOURS OF GRACE.

Written by E.C.Munson February 2021


Christine Long’s latest collection is called “Whimsy” and expresses her belief that art should be fun, mystical, wild, and free. In these pieces she allowed the paint and colours to change and flow with the mood of these times, letting her creativity to speak of the longing to be free from the personal confinement and risk we all face during this Covid era.