Artist Statement

It’s really easy. I paint for joy and because I love colour!

I took up art while recovering from a major illness which changed my life on a dime. I was blind for a year and lost the use of my dominant arm and leg. So I decided, with excellent support, to rewire my brain. Art helped me do just that!

I’m grateful for every day that I can see colour. It’s fabulous! Colour sings and moves all on its own. I often just have to let it go and speak for itself!

Artists like Jackson Pollack, Georgia O’Keefe, Emile Borduas, Lila Lewis Irving and Bianca Guna are among my favourites.

When looking at piece of art I wonder what the artist was thinking or feeling, what were their lives like, what did that that last moment feel like when they thought the work was done?

I said at the beginning that I paint for joy and fun. One of my first art instructors said “if you can paint like a 5 year old and like colour…you can do this”. I’ve been having a blast ever since!

I hope you see the joy and celebration of life in my work.

Christine Long
May 2021